7 Steps to Spiritual Empathy

“The Philosophy of Emotional Intelligence.”

Spirituality is a state of living & being in which we develop a deep respect for the journey of our soul within the human experience, underpinned by an ever-evolving awareness that we are all ‘One’.

Pure Empathy is an ability to become a fully relational, fully alive, vibrant flourishing human being, able to listen not only to others, but to ourselves and to the energy of life that flows through us, connecting us to all that is ‘One’.

Mindfulness Meets Emotional Awareness

“7 Steps to Learn the Language of Your Emotions.”

I wrote this book to create REAL change in REAL lives!

Change Negative Emotions into Positive Experiences!
Turn Life problems into Challenges & Challenges into Opportunities!
Manage Challenging Emotions Differently!
Build Emotional Resilience and Durability!