In her experience, she has determined where the majority of us, herself included, seem to struggle most in our lives is intrinsically connected to our emotions. Our childhood, families, relationships, life events and everyday happenings all leave their mark, and that mark is an emotional one.

Jenny has faced some challenging experiences including childhood depression and a series of abusive friendships and relationships in her adult life. While she didn’t enjoy the way she was feeling, she can say, without exception, that every emotion she felt was a natural response to something in her life that wasn’t ok. These challenging emotions were giving her “good information” that she needed to listen to in relation to her immediate circumstances, and to look deep within herself to recognize when she was bringing emotional history into her current life.

“We cannot change our past but we can change our relationship to our past. In doing so, we create change within our present, which changes the shape of our future. If we work on the premise that we are the source of change, it becomes clear that we will need to listen to ourselves without fear or judgment.”

Our emotions are a powerful, human commodity. They can be our strongest, most supportive ally or they can disable us, leaving us feeling blocked, out of control and in pieces. Jenny believes it is our ability to listen that will help us make informed, empowered choices in our lives.

“I know that my deepening ability to listen to my emotions and consider every emotional state as ‘valuable information’ has created a way of living that, in itself, is life changing.”