“If Our Eyes are the Windows of the Soul then Our Emotions are the Voice of Our Soul.”

7 Steps to Spiritual Empathy

“The Philosophy of Emotional Intelligence.”

Spirituality is a state of living & being in which we develop a deep respect for the journey of our soul within the human experience, underpinned by an ever-evolving awareness that we are all ‘One’. Our thoughts actions & words demonstrate our desire to live in a manner that benefits all of humanity and the world at large. We aspire to become more than we already are and we desire to live in a manner that honors this Oneness.

Pure Empathy is an ability to become a fully relational, fully alive, vibrant flourishing human being, able to listen not only to others, but to ourselves and to the energy of life that flows through us, connecting us to all that is ‘One’. We live our lives from a foundation of kindness and compassion which in turn supports us in becoming more than we already are and offers the same to all those that we come into contact with.

Mindfulness Meets Emotional Awareness

“7 Steps to Learn the Language of Your Emotions.”

I wrote this book to create REAL change in REAL lives!

Change Negative Emotions into Positive Experiences!
Turn Life problems into Challenges & Challenges into Opportunities!
Manage Challenging Emotions Differently!
Build Emotional Resilience and Durability!

In Mindfulness meets Emotional Awareness I have taken the most common but challenging emotions, explained (without jargon!) why we need these emotions and more importantly, how to use them as an ally in navigating our way to a thriving and successful life. Using a formula of 7 days of reading, 20 minutes each day, even the busiest of people can make time to empower, enhance and enrich the quality of their daily lives through the empowerment of emotional literacy.

COMING IN 2018 – 7 Steps to Build Permanent Self-Esteem

Self-care and self-compassion have always been a challenge for me!

On face value, this may not make a lot of sense, after all I’m an experienced counsellor of 26 years. But I can tell you first hand that there is a big difference between helping ‘other’ people to learn to take care of themselves and helping ‘ourselves’ to take care of ourselves. Enabling other people on their developing journey of self-care came easily to me… applying the same principles to myself did not!

Looking after myself and prioritizing my own well-being felt ‘selfish’ and seemed completely contradictory to my core spiritual belief in being a kind and giving person. This perspective was then compounded by everything that I had read about the law of attraction.

It was a light bulb moment for me when I realised that by ‘not looking after me’ I was attracting into my life, people and circumstances who were also ‘not looking after me.’ Until I demonstrated ‘care and respect for myself’ I was unlikely to bring into my life both people and circumstances that would demonstrate ‘care and respect for me’.

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