Be Brilliant! How to be Extraordinary.

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7 Steps to Spiritual Empathy

“The Philosophy of Emotional Intelligence.”

Spirituality is a state of living & being in which we develop a deep respect for the journey of our soul within the human experience, underpinned by an ever-evolving awareness that we are all ‘One’.

Pure Empathy is an ability to become a fully relational, fully alive, vibrant flourishing human being, able to listen not only to others, but to ourselves and to the energy of life that flows through us, connecting us to all that is ‘One’.

Mindfulness Meets Emotional Awareness

“7 Steps to Learn the Language of Your Emotions.”

I wrote this book to create REAL change in REAL lives!

Change Negative Emotions into Positive Experiences!
Turn Life problems into Challenges & Challenges into Opportunities!
Manage Challenging Emotions Differently!
Build Emotional Resilience and Durability!

COMING IN 2018 – 7 Steps to Build Permanent Self-Esteem

Self-care and self-compassion have always been a challenge for me!

On face value, this may not make a lot of sense, after all I’m an experienced counsellor of 26 years. But I can tell you first hand that there is a big difference between helping ‘other’ people to learn to take care of themselves and helping ‘ourselves’ to take care of ourselves. Enabling other people on their developing journey of self-care came easily to me… applying the same principles to myself did not!

Looking after myself and prioritizing my own well-being felt ‘selfish’ and seemed completely contradictory to my core spiritual belief in being a kind and giving person. This perspective was then compounded by everything that I had read about the law of attraction.

It was a light bulb moment for me when I realised that by ‘not looking after me’ I was attracting into my life, people and circumstances who were also ‘not looking after me.’ Until I demonstrated ‘care and respect for myself’ I was unlikely to bring into my life both people and circumstances that would demonstrate ‘care and respect for me’.

Be Brilliant!
How to Be Extraordinary.


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To be a truly alive, fully functioning, vibrant human being, we need not only to think… but also to feel. We must be available to experience the depths of human experience to be found in every moment and this will involve our emotions.

The contents of these pages are a reflection of my own learning and the result of hard-earned lessons. A pathway of living, born of being pushed, stretched, sometimes with ease, more often unwillingly and with resistance, to new and more conscious levels of understanding, an A-Z code of living that I have come to trust.

A series of messages that build and strengthen an inner core of healthy ever evolving self-esteem, empowering you to fully embrace the extraordinary brilliance of all that you can be.


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