“If Our Eyes are the Windows of the Soul then Our Emotions are the Voice of Our Soul.”

Book Endorsements

  • “In the midst of today’s hectic pace of life this beautifully written book thoughtfully reminds us that first and foremost, we are relational beings. It is through relating and within relationship that we find meaning in our lives. Jenny’s insightful and yet pragmatic approach to greater emotional awareness awakens us to the love that is possible in each moment we share with others. This book is overflowing with kindness, insight, depth and above all…love.”

    Katherine Woodward Thomas, New York Times Bestselling Author of Calling in “The One”
  • “This book has been a delight to read and has given some real structure to an exploration of emotions.

    When working with people either as a coach, a supervisor, manager or colleague I frequently ask a question which is “What do you know about yourself?” The book will be an invaluable resource for those I work with, and for myself. I love the language of kindness and responsibility.

    In the context of what feels like a divided United Kingdom I think this is recommended reading for anyone trying to understand their own and others reactions and to seek a way forward.”

    Libby Alderson, Learning Professional, Coach & Organisational Coach Supervisor
  • “I absolutely love this book! It is an amazing resource written in such an accessible way.

    It’s a joy to read a book that reminds us that we are relational beings. By relating to ourselves and noticing our core experience Jenny reminds us of the power and choice this gives us. An important read for all.”

    Dr Laura Hill, Counselling Psychologist (BPS Chartered HCPC Accredited)
  • “A beautifully written book that will be an invaluable resource for anyone interested in learning more about themselves. I particularly like her daily ‘invitations’. Jenny’s book is accessible, practical and inspiring.”

    Juliet Grayson, Psychotherapist & Author of Landscapes of the Heart: the working world of a sex and relationship therapist

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